Sunday, March 22, 2009

Macrobiotic Lunch

One of my discoveries since I started to eating here is how tastefully you can cook Tempeh . I never liked Tempeh because it has a distinguished bitter taste. Since I have started eating here, I've had a good amount of Tempeh dishes. They are all great! Especially this one, deep fried Tempeh; Tempura style is my favorite. According to a teacher, Tempeh releases the bitterness if you pan fry or deep fry it. It makes sense. People eat Azuki bean rice a lot here. But they know Japanese people usually only eat the dish in special occasions. It's such a delicious dish. Brown rice with Azuki beans is a wonderful combination for nourishing our kidney.


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  1. You look like having wonderful healthy life in beautiful atmosphere! Sachi! All food & desert pics you uploaded here look sooo yummy and healthy!

    Yeah let's skype sometimes! During what time is the best time for you to talk? (Please let me know in LA time please!)

    miss + love ya!