Friday, March 20, 2009

busy school days

The past two days was really busy schooling. Today I had a class from 7:30 am till 10pm!
I am tired but in good spirit. The macrobiotic food gives me substantial energy and the lectures about the philosophy gives me inspiration and vitality. We had a dessert fiesta @ lunch time for celebrating one of our class mates. The desserts are incredibly tasty! The other photo is me @ home relaxed, making tea. I hope I can report you more tomorrow. I must go to bed...I have been waking up 6 am. good night.



  1. wow. looks very very yummy! I am so tired from not having any time to myself those days but your hard school schedule comes with the greatest meals at least! I am jealous. I"m eating too much " ramen" .....
    keep going and have fun sachi!

  2. I like to learn these desserts to cook for you. Maybe later. but at least I can cook some dish for ya when I come back.