Friday, November 2, 2012

Seeds of Hope/ Yes on prop 37

Dear friends,

I am promoting labeling on Genetically modified food
(GMO=遺伝子組み換え作物), which we have on prop 37 ( California) this coming election. 
This is very important for us to vote Yes on 37 to label GMOs.

As you may know those chemical companies and bio-tech companies have
been contaminating our food and soil by engineering GMOs and
pesticides. Yesterday, I heard a public lecture by Vandana Shiva, an
activist and women's leader from India. She is promoting peacefully
the diversity of the planet seeds. She said GMO cotton farmers in
India have been suffering for their huge debts from growing GMOs and the suicides among them
skyrocketed:( very sad. Please watch the movie, "World according to Monsanto", if you want to know more.

I have to raise this issue as a health practitioner and I do care for
the future of our planet.
Let's protect our earth for our children and diverse living beings on earth.

Thank you so much,