Thursday, March 12, 2009

the course is called, "The Art of Life School".

Kushi institute, Europe provides several courses. The course called the Art of Life School is the most intensive 2 weeks session. The class starts with a morning exercise called Do-in and it continues till 19:30 which ends with dinner. Yes, it all includes 3 meals as the part of class! They are the teachers, Adelbert and Wieke Nellssen. They have been teaching macrobiotic way of life for 30 years. They look nice people:-) 

私がマクロビを勉強する学校、ヨーロッパのクシインスティチュートはアムステルダムにあります。私の取るコースは2週間刻みの集中コース。その名も”アート オブ ライフ スクール”、まさにマクロビは日常生活におけるアートなのですね。クラスは朝のどういんという

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