Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dairy and Osteoporosis / 乳製品と骨粗鬆症

I want to share one of the eye opening things I learned; the reason why taking milk and dairy food leads to osteoporosis. First, I must clarify the difference between animal protein and plant-based protein. The difference is that animal protein is hard to absorb in the body as nutrients but plant based can easily be absorbed. Dairy contains animal protein and is rich in calcium, however the calcium together with animal protein can't be absorbed by your body. Further more, it makes blood acidic. Human blood is about PH 7.2, which means a little alkaline. When blood becomes acidic, it tries to balance back to alkaline. As a result, the body starts collecting minerals ,yes, minerals from your bones which leads to osteoporosis. What is worse, there is another factor, where does calcium from dairy food go in the body? It remains in your body as calcifications, accumulating in your joints. Of course that contributes to joint problems. 
I never knew how exactly dairy food contributes to osteoporosis until now. Now it's  clear! Please take care of your bones.



  1. Hi. This is very interesting. I wish more people were aware of this. I wonder how calcium is absorbed and processed in our bodies when taking pills. My Dad has recently stopped drinking milk and he takes a calcium pill. My whole family takes a multi-vitamin daily (w/calcium in it), including me. Can you ask your teachers about calcium in vitamin supplements?

  2. Wow, it is very interesting and nice to know!! Thanks for sharing those information with us, Sachi!
    Nice chatting with you the other day, I hope I will see you online and chat again soon!

    love + peace.