Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flood of information/ 情報の洪水

It has been nice to attend all day lectures and cooking classes. It will take a while to process all these information. Over all, I really enjoy attending this conference. Especially chatting with friends and teachers, which gave me different insight outside the class room. In level 3, we learn more profound topic and special cooking such as Credo or Non Credo (use your own judgement and 7 great consciousness; macrobiotic theory). For cooking, we had a workshop that we teach student how to make a miso soup. Being a teacher is whole new thing I experienced! I enjoyed it.


  1. For me, the greatest thing there.. were always the talkings with people through the day and especialy to late evening.. yeah, sometimes everybody overly yinizied by tasty tiramisu :)
    The conferences like this made me aware of how important the simple human contacts are. Because of them I am now on my deep macrobiotic path, still talking with people from KI. Without their influence I wouldn't have the same life :) Say hello to Jelena, please :) And thank you for your postings Sachi ;)

  2. Dear PetrPan
    Yes, I love the tiramisu as well! I am happy you are on your good macrobiotic path. I like to follow the path as well. Now I am level 3 but this is the life long experience and study. But the key is we really should enjoy practicing this path and our dream will follow;-)