Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pecan pie for this fall

Autumn has come! Well, in LA, we have been having a cool summer. I am ready to have autumn now. I made this Pecan pie to celebrate this season. Nutty and sweet! Usually pecan pie is very sweet with lots of sugar. I made this sweeten with Amazake and maple syrup. It was just satisfying natural sweetness.

I am actually going to Japan to attend Kushi Institute Level 3 this fall. I am going to take lecture from Mr. Michio Kushi, a great teacher and master of Macrobiotics. I am very excited! I like to continue blogging over there. KIJ (Kushi Institute Japan) is located in Kobuchizawa, a mountain region Japan. It is a beautiful small town surrounded by forests and hot springs.

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  1. Yummm. Your pies were so good!! Learn more great stuff in Japan! We miss you a lot in LA!