Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now I am getting back to blogging...

Hi! Sorry about the long pause. I has been a long time. I didn't realize...Well, I have been traveling in studying. After my KI Europe training, I ended up taking more extended classes in Japan. At Kushi Institute Japan, I was able to learn many things about cooking since Japanese people are very keen when it comes to cooking. The taste and the presentation is fabulous, it is part of our culture. Learning there really brought me in depth understanding of Macrobiotics.

I am back in LA, doing private chef, personal coaching of macrobiotic cooking. It is challenging to cook healing foods sometimes, but it is always a good education for me. It has been a joy to promote this healthy living movement. In a month, I will return to Japan to complete my level at KIJ, the level 3. I am looking forward to it.

the photo is plumeria flowers in Waikiki, Hawaii. I was there for a photo shoot assignment last month. Such a vibrant energy!

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