Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kushi Institute summer 2012

I originally started the macrobiotic study here at Kushi Institute in Becket, MA. It was summer 2008. I took a course called, "Way to Health." It was such a wake up call to realize how important to live naturally and I decided to pursue the macrobiotic path. After the course, I took various macrobiotic classes and courses in LA, Europe and Japan. Finally I got back in Becket to do my first Level 4. Summer in New England is wonderful. Although I was very busy with the course study, I enjoyed the summery mountain weather. My favorite thing is hitting the Becket beach nearby lake and walking in nature.
We were well taken cared by healthy delicious macrobiotic meals everyday which nourished me both body and soul. As we ate same food everyday together, I felt more connection to the people I stayed with. Amazake brown rice pudding was really good:)
I saw this autograph by Michio Kushi, the founder of the Kushi Institute. The purpose of promoting macrobiotics is for "One Peaceful World". Of course the well balanced macrobiotic food heal our body but also take all the aggression away so that we all have peace of mind.
Thank you, Michio sensei.

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